University of Wisconsin-Madison


September 2010 – December 2014

Fall 2014 | Journalism 445

  • Emulated a boutique creative agency working for a real-world company (Lands End)
    • judged by representatives from the company
  • Created an in-depth creative plan focusing on multiple media attack points
  • Produced own television, radio, print content with emphasis on polished, professional work
  • Competed against other student-led teams and won the contract

Relevant Files and Links

Spring 2014 | Journalism 345

  • Emulated an advertising agency in charge of a fictional client
  • As Creative Director, produced all advertising media with feedback from the team
  • Spearheaded production and look of final campaign planbook and related presentations

Relevant Files and Links

Fall 2013 | Journalism 202

  • Grasped the basics of reporting and fieldwork in the field of journalism
  • Covered all forms of media production – print, digital, radio, television
  • Wrote in-depth profiles, interviews, created alternative media forms
  • Introduction to audio and video editing software, Adobe Creative Cloud

Relevant Files and Links


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