My Username, Explained



I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the genesis of my unusual online personality, as well as snide remarks and off-color jokes (“What have you been doing in the mountains?”) (“I thought you were supposed to be a hermit!”). 

My response is almost invariably along the lines of: “ಠ_ಠ”

The truth is, MountainMadman comes from an obscure website that I used to visit several years ago when I was still in elementary school. I forget the context – it had something to do with roller coasters, which I was really into at the time (still am, albeit to a lesser extent) – and it sounded cool and rolled off the tongue. I picked it as my new username and it’s been that way ever since.

There’s no special meaning to it, no anagram or synonym or anything. It’s just something that I thought sounded cool and wanted to use, and right now it’s my go-to Internet name for any new account I create. If you search the web and come upon that username, it’s probably me – except for Twitter handle @MountainMadman, which I was too late to grab. Curse you! (My Twitter username is actually @MtnMadman.)


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