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Hello reader, welcome to my blog! I don’t know how you found yourself on here, but hopefully you’ll stick around.

First of all, I’m going to introduce myself (because isn’t that what everyone does when they start a blog?). My name is Seung Park, born in the Republic of Korea, currently in New York, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double major in history and journalism with a focus on strategic communications.


But really, what is this blog about? In other words, why should you stop by to take in a couple of words from some Asian-American from the Midwest backwater?

My blog is just one of hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands out there. I’m sure everything I say here has been already covered by another blogger, and possibly, probably, far better than I ever can. I hold no illusions in that regard – I am not the best blogger, nor will I ever be (unless I suddenly discover a hitherto-unknown faucet of literary creativity that will  allow me to become eloquent in English dictation).

I suppose you can say that this is my own little corner of the world. I’ve carved this little niche out for myself, and I will protect it. So bugger off, spammers. Nigerian prince or not, I’m not interested, thanks.

Once again – I hold no illusions, and I will be immensely thankful if you only spare a few seconds to glance over my writing. Because that’s the most I can do in this overpopulated, over-informed world where everyone seems to be rushing towards point B from point A without stopping in between at point C to take a breather.

I’d like to be that point C. I’d like to be that place where you can stop by in the middle of wheeling and dealing and rat-racing and talking and walking and shouting, and enjoy yourself for a few minutes.

Finally, if you want to check me out on other places – Pinterest, Twitter, and the like – simply click on the [Social Media] tab on the menu above. Happy surfing.

Glad you dropped by – here’s hoping that you’ll be able to find your Life, the Universe, and Everything, and maybe you could help me find mine!

-Seung (MountainMadman)

updated 11.3.2016


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  1. ndog says:


    Nice blog. I read all of your posts about Korea and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hoped you had met some of those cute korean girls you mentioned, the teacher and the girl with the mini skirt on the subway. Anyway very good work, all the best!

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