The blog has a new look!

So the first thing you probably noticed when you came in: woo-hoo, the blog doesn’t look like it’s stuck in 2012 anymore! Oh joy, oh joy!

I think we can all pretty much agree that the old design – deployed when I was just starting college! – was getting very, very long in the tooth. You’ll find that the updated look brings my blog more in line with 2017 standards: it now responds to screen size, meaning that whether you view this blog on your phone, or tablet, or on a desktop, you’re always getting the best experience possible.

There’s now room for featured posts, which is good… if I posted enough to warrant this feature. (I’m sorry.) But hey, room for the future, right?

One downside is that we’ve had to bid farewell to the header image, which had been a constant of my blog for the past six years in one form or another. An unfortunate casualty of evolving web design trends.

On the bright side, though, much bigger text! You no longer have to squint to read the incredibly narrow column in the previous design; all of the text now comes through crystal-clear and bigger than Donald Trump’s wall.

Hopefully you weren’t too surprised by all of this, and you enjoy a lot of the changes I’ve made. Now, time to go fix all of the screwed-up formatting that resulted as a side-effect… *grumbles*




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