The Disney Diaries: A Long List of Thank You’s


Well, the time is here. My time with the Disney College Program is officially counting down in its last week, and how the days have flown by! Never did I imagine that eight months would go by so quickly, but here I am, thinking about packing and selling things and worrying about my luggage and my future.

I met so many amazing people during my stay here, and it just feels wrong to leave without saying goodbye. Obviously, I can’t say goodbye to all of them in person; I would be here until next December… hmmm… wait. Maybe I’ll re-think this blog post. (kidding.)

In any case, many of my friends have already left, or are on the verge of leaving. So this blog post is dedicated to all of you guys. Thanks for the memories.

Thanks to The Basics: Duy (and Xixi), Alonzo, Andrea, Alexis, Jessie, Larisa and Lynzy. I miss all of you and I wanted to spend more time with y’all; alas, the DCP life interferes in the saddest of ways. A special shout-out to Duy and Xixi, who showed me the light that accompanies $20 AYCE sushi.

Thanks to Logan and Taylor. Some of my earliest DCP memories are with you guys, and best wishes to both of you.

Thanks to David and Brittany. I wish our geek-out Facebook chats translated into IRL hangout time, but our busy schedules unfortunately got in the way. Let’s maybe set a date for Infinity War in 2017?

Thanks to Shelby. I bet you’re happy to be reunited with your pug, but I’ll miss you a lot – sad we didn’t spend more time together!

Thanks to Sammie, Erin, Ashley and Hayley for the late movie nights and McDonald’s runs. Psst: my spare phone charger is still at your place.

Thanks to Cady for all our misadventures – you still have my copy of Professor Layton! Also, the midnight premiere of Avengers: Age Of Ultron wouldn’t have been half as fun without you.

Thanks to Tiffany, who showed me the adorable fluffiness that only kitty ears could provide and could go toe-to-toe with me on sushi-eating adventures. Few people can match that feat; wear that distinction proudly.

A huge thank-you to the new batch of CPs at Pop Century: Brie, Brianna&Kelsey, Alonso, Sami, Kat, Chloe, Carla, Hallie, Sebastian, Victoria, Amanda, Amanda, Sarah, Paris, Erin, McKenzie and Jenna. I wish I had so much more time to spend with all of you.

Thanks to Ziyue, Shengnan, Jenny, Wenyu, Manlu and all of the new Chinese CPs whose names slip my mind at the moment. It was a joy to train all of you and best of luck in your futures!

Thanks to the Trifecta (and some): Savannah (and Katie), Alex and her man-toy Bennett, and Cheyenne, for giving my life some sorely-needed spice, plus all the gossip I could ever want. You guys are awesome and I wish I could keep all of you in my pocket forever.

Thanks to Nick – here’s to a chance to clink glasses again in the future.

Thanks to Michelle and Katherine. We’re the last ones standing, and I cherish the memories I made with all of you. We’re gonna go far – just keep on truckin’!

Thanks to Chris, for geeking out about geek things on Reddit, shooting the shit about nothing in particular, and generally being a good friend. Thank you.

Thanks to Nicolette, for so, so many things. Thanks for everything.

Thanks to every other Pop Century CP who journeyed with me: brunette Haley, blonde Haley, Destin, Norah, Nora, Marissa, tall Shelby, pixie Shelby, New York Victoria, Aussie Victoria, Alejandro, Brianna, Aaren, Ariana, Danielle, Michael, Ash, Jessie, Chris, Allison, Paige, Blake, Megan, Meghan, Tingting, Susan, Requan, Kriss, and countless others.

Thanks to everyone else at Pop: Zuleika, Evy, Heidi, Priscille, Lauren, Gabe, Miguel, Franchesca, Rene, Pierre, Fritz, Thiekov, Dawn, Christian, and so many more people I am forgetting.

Thanks to Lisa, Brian, Andy, Isaida, Loretta and Trenton for bearing with my sloppy phone juggling and the occasional messed-up order. You guys rock. To Trenton, good luck with your new job.

Thanks to our culinary team at Pop: Javier, Alric, Kyle, Tina, Gary, Kenwan, Laz, Melvin, Jerry, Pete, Patrick, Jessika, Oneida, Joe, Michael, Jose, Jesus, Karen, and whoever else slipped my mind.

Thanks to Mari, Kelsey, Sarah, tall Michael, short Michael, Brandon and Simon. You all rock Pop Century and make it great. Keep doing what you’re doing. Also, to Kelsey: sorry for eating the spoilage. It just tastes so damn good! Simon, never stop singing.

Thanks to Vivian, Robin, Laurie, Lina and Erica for all the work you do. You guys keep us running and inspire us to do better.

Thanks to my current and former roommates: Danny (and Rachel), Mario, Andrew, Jonny, Jordan and Jon. Apartment 6101 wouldn’t be the same without any of you. Andrew, thanks for the churros.

Finally, a great big thank-you to the big boss himself, Mr. Mickey Mouse. As they like to say, it was all started by you – and there isn’t a word big enough in the English language to properly communicate how much I’ll miss everyone; everyone that I met, through you. So, from the bottom of my heart – thank you.


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