The Disney Diaries: On My Way


By my calculations, I’ve packed and unpacked my suitcase a grand total of 24 times over the past four years. Every time I do, I get a little faster at this very entertaining game called luggage Tetris. And so, when I was faced with the daunting task of filling two – and only two – suitcases with all of my belongings, I didn’t tremble in fear as much as I nearly should have done. This time, though, was special: I wasn’t going back to Wisconsin, or Korea, or anyplace normal. I was going to Disney World.

I already wrote about how I was going to spend a year working for the Mouse, but it was only when I squished the last of my T-shirts and threw the final pieces of miscellany into my nearly-overweight luggage that I realized just what that meant. So far in my life, everything had been organized into neat little blocks: first was elementary school, then junior high, then high school, then finally, college. And now, for me, college was over. Now what?

Now, there are no schedules. There’s only me, my skills, and my drive that is the limit to where I can go. And that’s a very scary thought – but also a hugely gratifying one. I’m excited.

My plane boards tonight. I would’ve preferred to take the train, but there are limits to human stamina when it comes to sitting down in a coach seat that even I can’t endure.

Ahem. So I guess you could say that I’m …


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