Twisted Colossus coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain!


When I was growing up, one of my favorite places to spend a weekend was at Six Flags Magic Mountain, a theme park located a few miles north of Los Angeles. It boasts the largest collection of thrill rides and roller coasters in the world, and I have it to thank for my love of these insane scream machines!

One of the most iconic coasters in the Magic Mountain skyline is a wooden roller coaster named Colossus. It opened in 1978, and at the time, it was the highest roller coaster in the world! (Obviously, that record has been broken many times hence.)

More than thirty years later, Colossus was showing signs of age – it was growing steadily less and less popular by the day, and time was taking its toll on the structure. But Magic Mountain didn’t simply tear it down (which they could easily have) – instead, they brought in Rocky Mountain Coasters, a firm noted for their ground-up rebuildings of old roller coasters, to give their take on Colossus.

And this is what we’ve gotten – Twisted Colossus, a lumbering behemoth (heh) of wood and steel that incorporates the latest technology while still maintaining a classic, nostalgic feel.

It opens next year. I can’t wait for it already.


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