Photo Essay: Madison Through the Seasons

Over the past several months, I held down an intern assignment at Special Olympics Wisconsin, working as a communications intern. I’ll write more about the experience later in a diary entry, but before that, here’s a mini-project I did along the way.

The #3 bus takes me from downtown, where my apartment is, to the SOWI headquarters located on the fringe of Madison. It’s about an hour’s worth of a direct bus ride; quite long but not unmanageable. In fact, I welcomed the twice-weekly ritual of my usual seat, on my usual bus, with the usual driver and the usual people.

One problem, though, was that the bus was pretty much always a few minutes late, which predictably ended up with me waiting by myself at a desolate bus stop that was little more than a sign and a few patches of well-trodden grass.

So, I got bored, naturally. And I thought up of a little thing I could do to make the time pass. I decided to take the exact same photo, at the exact same spot, every single day, and tally up the differences. The end result, after half a year of photos, is a decidedly different Madison in the winter and the summer.

Here’s the first photo I took, at the beginning of January:



Looks pretty bleak, doesn’t it? Thankfully, it didn’t stay that way…

By the beginning of May, when I finished my internship, the long winter had finally dissipated. Goodbye snow – hello, humidity!



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