Diary: New Year’s Eve

I’m home! I’d just like to take this moment and congratulate, once again, Southern California for having the most perfect weather imaginable. It got somewhat chilly this morning, true, but nothing that a cozy blanket couldn’t fix. And by midday, the sun was shining on the green lawn outside my window. Needless to say, the palm trees were waving their enormous fronds and the neighborhood kids were playing outside.

Secondly – and more importantly – a very happy holiday season to all of my readers, friends and family. This year was one that I’ll never forget; I went from my lowest dregs to some of the happiest moments in my life, and came out stronger at the other end because of it. Although this year started off pretty horrible, I’m happy to say that it’s gotten a lot better since. I achieved some of my resolutions from the previous year, and I’ve formed many new friendships and renewed old ones. All in all, an 8/10 year – would relive it again.

I was accepted into my dream program and met so many wonderful people; friends in the form of fellow like-minded students who shared what I loved and grew together over the course of a single semester; instructors who might be reading this blog right now (hi!); and best of all, I found confidence within myself. It might be a little cheesy and groan-inducing to say this myself, but I’m more proud of myself than I’ve ever been. And that’s something to celebrate.

This seems like a good segue into one of my favorite Disney songs:

Especially at a time like this, when we’re afforded the opportunity to be honest with ourselves in ways that we simply can’t the remainder of the year, it’s nice to look back and give ourselves a pat on our backs for our accomplishments. Too many people take New Year’s Eve to be that stressful time of year when they reflect upon their failures and craft resolutions to mitigate these failures, but for me, it’s also a time to celebrate what we did right. It’s a time of year when we can be proud of ourselves, when we can truly be in awe of everything we’ve accomplished.

Happy New Year – here’s to a wonderful 2014.

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