An Ode To Earth… And Giving Thanks


Today’s Thanksgiving!

I know what you’re thinking: Bub, this ain’t November.

But hear me out — today isn’t American Thanksgiving. It’s Korean Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Chuseok!

For the majority of Koreans, today is a day of giving thanks, sharing special moments with friends and family, and reveling in the joy of life.

For others like me, though, today is a bittersweet day of longing for home sweet home. I suppose that it’s a good sign that I even have something to be nostalgic about — many folks do not have the privilege.

In celebration of the occasion, I’d like to share a video which, when I watched it for the first time, sent chills down my spine, and forced me to re-think what I have to be thankful about in life.

We all live on one planet, a world so gracious enough to extend to us its riches and bounty. Maybe we should take care of that a little more than what we’re doing now.

Happy Korean Thanksgiving.


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