First impressions: header images through the years

I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at all the header images this little blog’s hosted over the years.

This was the very first one after I switched to the new layout:


The artist in the middle is After School’s Lizzy, and the roller coaster is Maverick at Cedar Point. I was very much into futuristic paintings at the time, so the header image reflected my interests.

A few months later, I decided that the header was simply too large, so I shrunk it down a tad:


The future city is gone, replaced by Nokia’s newest flagship phone: the Nokia Lumia 920. Since I was getting invested into the Windows Phone platform at the time (my current phone is a Lumia 900), I thought that I might as well feature it on my blog. The new K-Pop artist flavor of the month is SNSD’s Tiffany. The roller coaster remains Maverick.

Also, I switched the color palette a little, adding some hues of magenta. Along with cyan, these two colors would be featured prominently in my social media presence from now on.


A minor refresh brings us to the above image. My interests had transitioned from Windows Phone to the tech world in general — I was very much excited about Blackberry’s newest effort, the BB10 operating system. The roller coaster is now Blue Fire from Europa-Park, Germany’s largest amusement park. The K-Pop flavor of the month remains as Tiffany; I was originally going to switch it out for another artist, but this photo was simply too cute to pass up.

Overall, it was sort of bland; the colors were too muted, and nothing really struck the eye. The images grew slightly as opposed to the previous iteration, but that’s about all I can say.


The newest design is much brighter, refreshing, and cleaner (hopefully). Apple’s iOS 7 lends an aura of vibrancy, as does the crowd in the Badger home game next to it. Girl’s Day’s Yura is the newest K-Pop artist, and overall, the colors are much more saturated.

No roller coasters; instead, the photo displays the chair-swing ride from Grona Lund, a theme park in Stockholm, Sweden.


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