Google Glass: the Future is Here


Earlier today, Google stepped up its campaign to introduce Google Glass, the revolutionary glasses-like device that will add an extra digital layer on top of your everyday life.

It’s hard to describe what Glass does in simple writing; you have to see it to fully understand the implications for every one of us. Personally, I’m excited – I’ve always dreamt of the day when dealing with technology will become so effortless that we can do things without even a second thought, things that actually require effort today. When done right, the integration of man and machine can lead to incredible things – a doctor with instant access to the latest information, a skydiver who can record a video of his dive, or a pedestrian in the hustle and bustle of the city, looking for the nearest subway stop.

Right now, those tasks listed above would require you to whip out your electronic device, tap on a screen some numerous amount of times, and wait for something to load before finally accessing the information you want, or plugging yourself in to whichever network you’ve chosen. With Glass, no more – instantaneous communication, content creation, and sharing.

OK, Glass – show me what you’ve got.

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