Now Playing: Jewelry S – Forget It (쥬얼리 S – 됐지 뭐)


I’m not particularly fond of ballads. I’m especially not fond of ballads that are sung by the manufactured-on-an-assembly-line idol groups to give their group a veneer of true auditory talent and manage to sound “deep” at the same time.

Forget it; I listen to idols because I like mindless music, and I definitely don’t want to hear them attempt to sing a droopy ballad aeons above their level.

But for some reason, I really like this. Their vocals aren’t the best – obviously – but the preppy sound and the overall atmosphere of we’re-not-being-serious allows me to get into it in a way that few other idol ballads have managed to do so.

Take it for a whirl. The girls are mighty cute, which is an obvious bonus.


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