Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 3: Christmas Gift Wish List

You can’t talk about Christmas without talking about gifts. Here’s a small selection of what I’m hoping to get in my stocking for the morning of December 25th.


Microsoft Surface

The latest tablet to come out of the tech giant Microsoft, the Microsoft Surface comes with Windows 8, a Metro interface, and an optional keyboard. I’m looking to replace my iPad – the last vestige of my former Apple-centric tech collection – and looking forward to sharing its services with my current phone, the Nokia Lumia 900 – which runs Windows Phone 7.

Uniform Wares 152 Series watch

I’m a big fan of minimalism. The lack of any complications on this watch and the shiny sheen make the contours and the hands themselves stand out more than they would have otherwise.


Everlane snap backpack (navy)

Searching for a new backpack, this wonderful specimen caught my eye. Not too expensive, and the snaps – not zippers – give this cloth backpack a lot of character. Also, it looks like a face.


Bose QuietComfort 15

As a somewhat of an audiophile, I know the reputation for Bose isn’t quite what it once was. However, I’m looking for noise-cancelling headphones – and in that market, Bose still can’t be beat. Also, it doesn’t look like shit, which is a hard thing to come by in mid-level headphones (AKG, I’m looking at you).



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