Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 2: New Year’s Resolutions

Most of the time, New Year’s resolutions are merely placebos, something that people do as an afterthought after dining on too much Christmas ham and feeling pretty happy about themselves. They rarely turn out to last more than a couple of weeks, and most of the time, they lie disused and forgotten – along with the shiny new gym membership card, or the Alcoholics Anonymous membership token, at the bottom of their mind’s closets.

Not me, though. This year will be different – I’m actually planning on keeping them!


Continue losing weight.

I’ve already dropped from a high of near 220 to 195 over the past couple of months. Although I’m proud of that, I’m not there yet – far from it. Daily workout, possible incorporation of weight training, keeping track of what I eat – if I just continue what I’ve been successfully doing, I have no doubt that I’ll be able to drop to my goal within the next year, which is 160 pounds. A lofty goal, but definitely not an unreachable one.

Focus more on schoolwork.

I probably sound like a broken record by now. This has been a recurring character in my resolutions list for the past couple of years. This time, though, I have some hope, and that hope can be pinned on three words: School of Journalism. Once I begin learning about something I really, deeply care about, my hope is that perhaps something will click.

It’s not going to be easy, even with the above taken for granted (I may not get into the School at all, in which case, I am royally screwed). This is the one resolution I have the least confidence in, yet it’s the one that matters the most. And it’s not as if writing it down on my blog makes me any more likely to sit up straighter in class. But no harm in writing it down, is there?

Talk more.

I’ve always enjoyed silence and being alone. Hell, my dream house is a small, 1-room abode on the top of a mountain, looking down on a peaceful lake, surrounded by pine trees. Even now – with the many friends I’ve regained and gained over the past year – I always find myself the happiest when I’m by myself, sitting in my little nook in my favorite room in my favorite building, typing words on my laptop (like I’m doing right now!), reading a good book, or simply contemplating.

A lot of my acquaintances have called me too quiet for my own good. One of my distinguishing features that my supervisor for my latest internship pointed out was that I had a “quiet, reserved smile”. People have commented on my silence, my supposed lack of interest in whatever they’re doing, or my general proclivity to not talk … at all.

I’m going to try to change that next year, even though hopefully I’ve already made some progress over the past semester. Talk more, laugh more, go out more, make new friends – even though I don’t want to, even though I’m perfectly happy, thank you very much – what’s the harm in trying?

One thing will never change, though:



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