Roller Coaster of the Day: Atlantis Adventure – Lotte World

Name: Atlantis Adventure

Location: Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea

Operating Year: 2003 – Present

Built By: Intamin AG

Top Speed: 46.6 mph

Height: 72 feet

Look at that. Just look at it.

Sure, it may not be the tallest … nor the fastest … nor the wildest … but this baby’s got it where it counts, and that’s in the just-plain-gosh-darn-fun factor.

But don’t be fooled – this Adventure still packs a very wild ride. The attraction is themed around – predictably – exploring the underwater mythical island of Atlantis. Along the way, you’ll encounter close shaves, dragons, and water … lots and lots of water.

From the very beginning, you’ll know that this isn’t your typical Disney-type ride. As soon as your safe and secure inside the weirdly-shaped ride vehicle, you are launched – and I mean launched – into an enclosed top hat that tops out at 72 feet above Seoul level. From there, you get to go outside – but don’t enjoy the view for too long, since Atlantis Adventure isn’t done quite yet.

After a rollicking series of twists and turns, you hit the brakes – phew, we’re done, right? Not quite.

The vehicle slowly inches around a crystalline cavern, and you suddenly come face to face with a not-so-menacing dragon. Hey, this isn’t too bad, you think. This is a kiddie ride.

Ah-ha! Not so. Right when you find yourself engrossed in the antics of the twitchy dragon, your ride vehicle suddenly starts moving really, really fast –  up an incline and into the outside world.

You look to your right. Holy – moly …

“Oh sweet baby Jesus.”

And then you fall. Then you twist around some more. And fall some more. Rise back again. Go through tunnels, flashing lights, dragons, Keira Knightley.

Before you know it, you’re outside again, coming to a smooth stop – for good this time.

Your heart’s still pumping like crazy, people around you are whooping, cheering, sobbing – the typical emotions associated with riding a really, really damn good roller coaster.


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  1. brysen says:

    i want to go there

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