[Serial Novel] Tower of God: Book 1 – Teaser

Hello, readers. Welcome to my new serial, “Tower of God“.

This new feature, to be updated whenever I get the time to work on it, is not my original work. The original piece is a web comic, hosted on naver.com, and originally written in Korean. See the original comic here. It is still ongoing (at the time of this writing) and a new chapter is published every Monday.

My story will closely follow the plot of the original, but in ways that only the written word can accurately portray. The visual medium has its own strengths; I highly suggest checking out the original comic, and there are English translations available if you do a quick Google search.

All characters are not my own. I seek to advance the plot and the fictional world of The Tower as best as I possibly can.

With that being said, please enjoy “Tower of God”.

click on the picture to be taken to the original comic.

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Book 1 – Teaser

What do you seek in this world, above all things?

If you were allowed to have just one thing – just the one wish you so desperately want fulfilled – what would you ask for?

Fame? Perhaps you desire the heady sensation of recognition, cameras flashing before your eyes, wherever you turn? Do you wish to see your name on the big screen, plastered on billboards? Children everywhere will know your name – your face, your voice, your personality. Is that what you wish for?

Money? Do you seek to live a life free from the shackles of currency, without worrying where your next meal will come from? A desire to escape the mundane reality of this world, and surround yourself with fantasies of the highest caliber? Money could buy it all, everything you could ever want or need. Is that what you want?

Glory? Do you wish to see your name on a pedestal, marble busts carved from your face? Schoolchildren will sing songs praising your name and your bravery, and contemporary texts will venerate you as one of the great heroes of the day. You will become immortal, permanently enshrined in the annals of history.

Revenge? Someone you know committed a crime most foul, most distasteful, most horrifying – are you here to avenge it? Are you driven by a primal hunger for getting even? Perhaps the world seems out of balance; do you think of yourself as the only one who could restore it?

Or, perhaps, you desire something even greater than all of those things combined. Something that baffles the ordinary imagination, out of their league. Perhaps you are one in a million, one of the lucky few endowed with the kind of spirit and willpower to go even higher, and further, than your contemporaries: the Superman, the ubermensch.

Whatever it is you’re looking for – no matter how feeble, or how grand, or how unimaginable – you can find it here, on the unending levels of The Tower. Everything anyone could possibly wish for is sequestered here, waiting for you to discover it.

But, with one catch … are you willing to put in the effort? Risk everything you own, love, enjoy?
Are you willing to bet everything on the line to have a faint chance at securing your dream?

Even your life?


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