Oneshot: Back and Forth

In our daily lives, sometimes we seek a sweet escape from the cul-de-sac we find ourselves forced into.

Sometimes, we just want to let go, cut all ties, and go on an adventure. To simply say fuck you to everyone who has ever, at one point, asked where I am, what I’m doing, how I should do it.

But then, we are shackled by our realities – a tiny cog making the whole machine work. Whatever importance we may attach to our work that we may do – whatever fanciful realities we may adorn our mindless keyboard-tapping with – the hard truth of the matter is, really, everything we do is in the pursuit of someone else’s greater good.

If you ever get that feeling, that cold, dead, little rock in your stomach, I recommend taking a ride on a swing.

It’s the simplest machine – a pendulum, with you riding on it. But that simplicity belies a wonderful contraption – where you can break the most unbreakable law of gravity, if only for one, sweet, everlasting second, and you can imagine going places by sheer virtue of the fact that you’re flying.

I push off with my feet, stumbling slightly on the foam ground. The swing twirls slightly, my hands grasping the cold chain-link ropes as my seat gains momentum.

It climbs higher and higher, my legs extending and withdrawing with every beat, the cool breeze of the night air wafting around my ears. The chains clink in their excitement as my body is borne to ever-reaching heights.

Butterflies return to my stomach, and my heart goes through a gleeful whoop as a smile involuntarily creases my mouth at the tingling sensation – and I feel alive.

I feel so close to just letting go of the chains and continuing evermore towards the gleaming night sky, where the stars twinkle through the dark-blue fabric and a world of infinite possibilities await my arrival. There’s a rocket strapped to my back – I can just feel it – and I’m just itching to use it, to propel myself out of this doldrum of a suburb and into the stratosphere, where I can turn upside-down if I want to, go anywhere I’d like, and do things beyond my wildest imagination.

Instead, the swing coasts to a gentle stop and I disembark, the rubber seat swinging in my wake.

The playground swing is my rocket, my dream-pill, my ticket to unimaginable freedoms awaiting me. Out in the yonder blue, a world beckons. And I feel that I can do anything.



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