Introducing Weekend Serials!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably seen a few posts labeled [ONESHOT] here and there. Oneshots are short stories (literally, short stories) that help me expunge my creativity when I suddenly get a bright idea that needs to be written down on paper right now, or when I suddenly feel the tickling urge to write and can’t think of anything – in which case, I simply jot down a random sentence and the rest of the ‘story’ flows from there.

They usually aren’t centered around a plot, or a rising/falling action, but are quite simply doodles of the imagination.

I’ve always wanted to go a step beyond, though. Oneshots, although unfettered by time constraints, allow very little in the way of plot exploration and drawn-out ideas and themes. And so far I’ve lacked the foresight and the planning-ahead to really plan out a long-form story.

But I’ve just decided to bite the bullet and start on it, because experience has told me that once you simply get started, the hardest part is already over.

So I’ve decided to start on a serial story. It will be updated every week – probably on the weekends – and can range from just a few paragraphs at the shortest to novella-length at the longest (depends on how much I want to write during that week). It will feature a coherent plot, developed characters, and feature-length ideas. I don’t want to spoil what I’m going to write about – because I don’t quite know yet – but we’ll get started anyway, and see how it goes after that.

Look out for Chapter 1 coming this weekend!


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