A New Social Experiment

Hello readers,

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, or have visited by Twitter page, or have read my Facebook profile, you’ve probably been noticing some changes. This blog looks cleaner, for one thing. Also, the background image has changed on my Twitter account. My Facebook cover photo has been refreshed as well.

A lot of people have multiple social media accounts. They might have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (ha!), Pinterest … or any combination of the above. The problem, though, is that for most people, none of these different accounts are connected to each other.

For example, I currently have ~500 subscribers to my blog (no idea where I got those). I have 550 Twitter followers, and 306 friends on Facebook. (The comparatively low Facebook number is explained by the fact that I have been removing all friends whom I can’t recall how I even know them, as well as random people from my ‘Farmville’ days.)

However, it’s a safe bet to say that my 550 Twitter followers only read what I post on my news feed, and my 306 friends on Facebook only follow what I post on my wall.

In other words, there’s a massive excess outflow of resources (in this case, characterized by Facebook friends, Twitter followers, etc.) that is just sitting there, waiting to be tapped into. If one could potentially harness the power of cross-over viewing – if I can make my followers read not only my stuff on one particular Internet outlet, but many – I could possibly increase my social media presence and serve as a good case study for the still-fledgling Internet boom: how could one make the most use of what they have?

Mission Statement:

To transform my several separate Internet entities into one coalition, synergizing my online properties and promoting crossover of both media and content.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my new avatar. (Kind of has a Lex Luthor feel, doesn’t it?) It’s already in use with most of my online accounts (save for a few which I haven’t logged into in forever) and it looks pretty cool!

In order to coalesce all of my different online properties into one behemoth, the biggest thing that needs to be done is to make sure that all of them follow the same, basic design language. For example, all of Google’s web services use the same overall design – clean, simple, and text-based. Apple does this as well with their different array of products – one look and you can instantly tell it’s a Cupertino product.

With my design philosophy, I took several cues from the look of the new Windows Phone user interface:

click image for source
click image for source

It’s clean, fresh, modern, and dynamic. It is mainly text-based, and everything falls neatly into a geometric pattern. The font that the WP UI uses – Segoe – has quickly become a favorite font of mine because it looks so agile yet simple.

Although the WP UI isn’t so readily apparent on my blog – due to the limitations of wordpress.com themes – you can detect traces of it in the sidebar. I’ll also be rolling out this design language in the near future to all of my platforms, replacing the current themes – which had been quickly designed in a 15-minute Paint session.


Stated goals:

– to find out whether or not the above changes will impact readership

– whether or not these changes will increase the prominence of my several online outlets, and

– if the amount of crossover readers (users who are directed towards one of my other forms of online presence from another one) fluctuates.


I’ll be updating this blog as events transpire.

Thanks for reading,

– Seung


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