A Quick Update


Hello readers,

So, directly to the point: I’m going through a major overhaul of all of my online presences (which is a fancy way of saying Facebook, Twitter, etc). In short, I’m going to try encapsulating them in one, easy-to-flip-through ecosystem and bring together all of my various noodles of influence throughout the web-o-sphere to maintain a high retention rate and cloud technology and really has anyone ever been so far as to decide what to do more like?

Okay, let’s try that again without the high-falutin’ buzzwords.

I’m starting a site overhaul, of not only this blog (which I’ll update with much more frequency in the future, plus bringing back all of the old columns), but also with my other Internet accounts. I’ve already started on this process with my Twitter and my me2day accounts.

Look forward to the new blog, coming soon!

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