The Hardest Logic Problem in Existence

I came upon this logic problem via a friend in college. I struggled with it for about 30 minutes before I gave up and looked for the answer.

The question below is not a nonsense question, and neither does it have no answer. There is a logical, deductive solution – can you decipher the riddle?

Four boys are set up in a room as seen in the above picture.

They all know the following:

– there are four boys (including himself) in the room; and

– two of the boys are wearing white hats, and two of the boys are wearing black hats.

The boys do NOT know:

– which boys are wearing which hats; and

– which hat he himself is wearing.

The boys are not allowed to turn around, and neither are they allowed to see the color of their own hat by either taking it off or looking upward. They are not allowed to speak with each other.

There is a solid brick wall between boys A and B.

The following question is asked of the four boys:

– what color hat are you wearing?

After a few moments’ silence, one of the boys raises his hand and correctly answers the question.

Which boy answered the question right, and how?

Hint: silence…


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  1. Emma says:

    C. the boy can see boy B who is wearing a white hat, and because of the silence, he knew he is not wearing white, as D didn’t say anything – meaning his hat is not the same colour is B. if he is wearing the same colour as B, he knew that D would know and speak up but D didn’t.

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