Life In Korea: Jeju Island, Part II (제주도)

By sheer amazing coincidence, our vacation date coincided with the current promotions that had been going on to get Jeju Island selected as one of the “New Wonders of the World”. And South Korea, which is known for its amazing (and sometimes overwrought) patriotism, brought forth some of their biggest guns – K-pop idol groups – to promote their cause.

So it happened that one day, when we were sitting down at a seafood restaurant during our vacation, that the owner ahjumma mentioned in passing that SNSD and f(x) – two girl groups – will be having a concert in a few hours.

All plans were discarded, all activities cancelled – there was only one goal in my mind: to get to that concert.

As the following video will prove, I succeeded in my goal: I got to see the girls live and in person, and although it almost wasn’t worth it (hours in the stifling heat), I can proudly say that I had an amazing vacation.

You can see me at 0:15 in the below video (I’m in the black shirt, to the right of the guy wearing the maroon “Class of 2011” shirt:

Pictures to follow soon…


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