Life In Korea: Busan, Part IV (부산)

So after the gruesome feeding frenzy that was Part III of our Busan outing, let’s go outside for some fresh air…

From here, you can get a good idea of how big of a port city Busan is.
We can see the cranes of the Port of Busan across the bay from us, as well as the Gwang-An Grand Bridge far off in the distance.
Before long, it was time to head to our next destination...
I forget the name of this place - but it was a huge park that covered an entire peninsula. This lighthouse was at the tip of it.
We made our way down to the beach from there - the hike down was quite steep, but it all paid off in the end.
The cliffs of the sea, with the skyscrapers of Busan off in the distance.
That's the lighthouse from a couple of photos back - and in the foreground is the ferry that saved our tired legs from lugging ourselves back up at the end of the day.
After the sun had set quite low in the sky, we hopped on the ferry to find our way back - because there was no way in hell we were climbing those stairs up.
I'll remain quiet for the remainder of these beautiful pictures...

"Now, bring me that horizon..."

One Comment Add yours

  1. Adeline says:

    It’s very pretty! It kind of remind me of the French Riviera I visited this summer 😀 I think it somehow looks like Monaco, with the cliffs, the see… And the high rise buildings 🙂
    Anyways, it looks like you had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing those pictures!

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