I’m trying to think of a witty title to go along with my blog post. Something along the lines of “standing at the Gates of Hell”or something, and I’m pretty sure it will tie in to my last day of summer freedom before I travel back to Wisconsin for my first semester of sophomore year.

Trouble is, my brain is a dearth of creativity right now. It’s unusual. Normally, I can think of something to say within a few seconds.

Right now, it’s not working. Maybe it’s because the late-night hangover has set in and by this point I’m just writing down whatever flows from the tip of my fingertips and I couldn’t give two sh!ts about school starting in three days because f*ck it, I haven’t done enough with my summertime yet, get back here.

But alas, reality has yet to attune itself to my wishes and continues to roll forward like the most impermeable steamroller. (No, that did not make sense at all.) And I’m sitting alone at my desk at home for what certainly feels like the last time and I’m here thinking to myself, did the word I just italicized give away that I’m not actually (whoop, there it goes again) writing from my stream-of-consciousness and I’m going for the shock value, just like 99% of the general population who writes about these things? I don’t even know and by this point, the little ‘I‘ at the top of the text box is looking pretty damn attractive. Attractive.

But yes, if you managed to wade through the possibly-but-not-really understandable stream-of-consciousness that I wrote above (except for the fact that it’s not really stream of consciousness since I took the time to italicize certain words, which would imply that I was consciously thinking about what I was writing), I’m going back to school.

I don’t know what to think about it right now. I’m sure the truth will settle in in a few days when the…just…massiveness of the eighteen credits wonk me on top of the head and I’ll soon be running away back to Dane County Regional Airport crying at the Delta flight desk yelling, “First flight back to California, s’il vous plait.

But until then, I’m determined to study hard, work hard, listen hard. Just like I always promise myself at the end of every semester when I get my report card and my heart sinks and I know that I’m in for another lecture, each more rigorous than the last.

Question is, this time, will it stick?

What a toughie.


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