Life In Korea: Busan, Part III (부산)

WARNING: Gruesome pictures of mutilated fish! If you do not want to see gruesome pictures of fish heads being chopped off, gutted, then eaten, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN!!!












I assume that everyone who’s made it down here either don’t care about seeing mutilated fish, in which case you are brave and worthy of a medal, or actually want to see pictures of mutilated fish, in which case you are a psychopath that probably should be in a mental hospital.

…Time for some mutilated fish!


...poor fish.
Oh God, look at its eyes...the eyes!! The horror!!!
Even tastier. it's your turn! HAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, however, we were all getting queasy by this point.
Why thank you, Mr. Fish Executioner, for kindly providing the best angle for us to take a look at the fish's innards.
"The fish is dead, the fish is dead, the fish is dead..."
*sigh of relief* There, that looks slightly better.
After we witnessed the cruel beheading, we sat down to wait for our fresh (?) sushi to arrive...
...and what goes well with sushi? Soju (소주), of course.
And before anyone reports me, I am over the drinking age in Korea. I took advantage of it...many times.
...and the rest of the fish went into this piping hot soup that we had no problems finishing. Sorry, fish.


Coming up next: no more decapitated fish!



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  1. Melody says:

    Welll…the fish looks yummy xDD

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