Life In Korea: Busan, Part II (부산)

Last time, we left off standing in front of a big, modern, white building. What could it be?

This is the Jagalchi Market, one of the largest fish markets in the country.
Outside the building, there was already quite a few dealers, but this was only a taste of what to come...
Let's head inside, shall we?
Good ocean-faring produce everywhere.
Hi there! I'll be eating you later!
The market was massive...and this was only the first floor!
That's where we came in...I think it took me about 5 rounds through the washing machine to get the fish smell out of my clothes after this trip.
Hey, look...eels. Delicious, tasty eels.
More seafood that will, someday, look tasty...not now, though.
Dry stuff was on sale, as well.
...What the hell is that leftover of evolution?
Clams...or whatever...I don't even know.
Ah, finally. Something a bit more easier on the eyes...
...I take that back.
Hello there, abalone...if you really are abalone. I'll be eating you later, too.

…Part III to follow, featuring a gruesome dismemberment scene of a fish being beheaded, followed by pictures of me eating said fish.



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