Life In Korea: Busan, Part I (부산)

A few weeks before I was due back in the States, I took a three-day weekend from my work to head down to Busan, the biggest port city in Korea and the second-largest city in the peninsula, after the capital city of Seoul.

Although it’s only a 4-hour train ride away, Busanites are proud of their unique culture that separates them from their Korean kin, just like New Englanders are intensely proud of their region, and Southerners refuse to give up their heritage, and so on and so forth. It might be a hard concept to grasp within a country that can literally be traversed in thirty minutes by plane, but back in the old horse-and-buggy era, each region developed its own unique identity that they maintain to this day.

So on a slightly cloudy Friday morning, I found myself at Suwon Station, a few kilometers outside Seoul,waiting for the train to bear me to unknown shores…

Suwon Station in the morning.
Hmm...which train to take?
There's our train! The 8:53 KTX, headed for Busan.
Here's our train, waiting for us. On a side note, public transportation is extremely effective in South Korea - with it being a small country, there's very little problem getting from here to there without a car. I managed just fine getting around, just with the subway, buses, and the occasional taxi.
We're on our way, going down South!
And we've arrived at Busan! It was HOT! Like, "start-sweating-immediately-after-leaving-the-train" kind of hot!
Thank god, let's go inside...
What? We're going out again? Say it ain't so!
Heading down the escalator...
...and into the baking-hot concrete plaza.
Looking back at the station from the plaza, right before we descended into...
...the subway! Yes, Busan also has its own extensive subway system, and I used it quite often during my trip. Thank God my transportation card still works here!
And this was my first destination of the day...what could it be? Stay tuned for more Busan, coming up next.

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