Life In Korea: Lotte World (롯데월드)

Where to begin? Lotte World is a massive complex that includes one of the world’s biggest shopping centers, several museums, a four-star hotel, an indoor water park, a cinema, a bowling alley, and some of Korea’s finest restaurants.

What we theme park enthusiasts commonly refer to as “LotteWorld” is actually called “Adventure”, and is just one piece in the entire complex.

LotteWorld Adventure is connected to yet another theme park, called “Magic Island”, which is a more traditional theme park that is built on top of an island and features your requisite castle along with a heart-pounding collection of thrill rides and attractions.

Welcome to Lotte World!
Lotte World is one of the biggest indoor theme parks in the world, as well as a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex.
You can get an idea of just how large this place is. It's massive!
Although there were many things to do inside, we decided to head outside first...
...towards Magic Island, the outside portion of Lotte World, and included with park admission.
The bridge crossing over the lake, towards Magic Island and our first destination...
Atlantis Adventure!
Atlantis Adventure is Lotte World's newest roller coaster and was built by Intamin AG.
It's classified as an 'Aqua-Trax', and is the first and only kind of its ride in the world.
There's usually supposed to be water underneath the track...but for some reason, it was empty the day we went.
After Atlantis Adventure, I toured Magic Island for a bit...
...and I came across this: the Gyro Drop, a free-fall attraction manufactured by Intamin A.G. of Switzerland.
The line was pretty short, so I hopped on for a ride. It was a (literally) jaw-dropping experience. Seoul from 20 stories high is something you don't forget anytime soon.
Tree swings!
This is Comet Express, a combination dark ride and roller coaster. The ride features spinning cars and wacky theming!
You get to fly through the mouth of an alien, fly around weird-looking planets, and finally crash into Earth. Fun, eh?
Hmm...Waikiki Wave. What could this be?
Waikiki Wave was a variant of the common "spin-n-puke" attractions. Fun, but nothing special, either.
Now, it was time to take the World Monorail back inside.
On the way, we got some fantastic views of Magic Island and the Seoul skyline!
There's the Lotte World complex. While it may not seem all that big, it's packed chock-full of absolutely amazing stuff.
Heading back inside again...
Check out that view!
Really breathtaking. Those Egyptian ruins off in the distance are a part of "Pharaoh's Fury", a high-tech E-ticket dark ride that combines a simulator with eye-popping visual effects (yes, I took that straight from the pamphlet).
Yes, that's an ice rink at the bottom!
Next up on the hit list was French Revolution, a looping roller coaster that traverses the indoor portion of the park.
To be honest, it wasn't very fun. Extremely rough on the ears, and it required some "defensive riding".
Thanks for an amazing day, Lotte World!

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  1. kayla riley says:

    amazing i cant wait to go there…. in a few years lol

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