Life In Korea: Conveyor Belt Sushi (회전초밥)

Normally, when one thinks of sushi, they think of sitting down in a serene courtyard with stone-faced yet polite servers bring you dish after glass dish of delectable cuts along with a cup of tea.

Sushi has always been considered high-end in America, but here, I finally got the chance to try something that I’ve always been interested in: namely, conveyor belt sushi.

Conveyor belt sushi is exactly what the name implies: sushi is placed on a conveyor belt and you can pick and choose what you want to eat. Simple, really – yet a revolutionary idea when it was first introduced in Japan a few decades ago.

There was a conveyor belt sushi place just down the street from where I live, and a few days ago, I got the chance to try it out for myself.


I've been told that this is a slightly upper-end conveyor belt sushi place.
As a sushi lover, I was in paradise.
You could tell how much each dish cost by the color of the plate. I wanted to try one of the octagonal ones, but my conscience kept me at bay (I wasn't the one paying for the meal).


Warning: What follows is every single piece of sushi that I ate. Do not view on an empty stomach.



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  1. traanne says:

    What was the name of this sushi restaurant? I think I ate at a place exactly or similar to this, and I can’t remember the name.

    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name – but it was in Bundang, a few steps south from Sunae Station on the Bundang subway line.

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