Life In Korea: Insa-Dong (Part 3) (인사동)

You can find Part 1 and Part 2 here.

WARNING: Picture heavy.

Another neat pottery shop that I didn't bother going into because there were so many of them.
I was about to buy one of the glazed pigs, but I remembered I had something else to buy...
Lunch! This is bibimbap (비빔밥), Jeonju-style. Take a traditional bibimbap and add a raw egg, some bean jelly, and other assorted doodads and you end up with a heavenly experience.
Clockwise from top left: white kimchi, pickled bean sprouts, spinach, abalone in sesame sauce, kimchi, and jeon.
And what the table looked like fifteen minutes later.
Back outside, this is another famous building in Insadong - there were dozens of shops crammed inside the 4-story building.
Although it definitely showed its age, you could definitely feel the 'vibe' from the artisans and sellers everywhere. Definitely a building with a lot of history to it.
Yes, you eat this! This is bundeggi (번데기) and those brown things are actually silkworm cocoons that are boiled in large, steaming vats. They're ridiculously delicious, and surprisingly for a Korean street food, healthy for you - they're loaded with fiber.
To round out the day, I spent an hour or so inside a traditional tea shop. You wouldn't even notice that you were in the middle of a bustling tourist district.
Don't mind the scribbles on the walls - they're everywhere. People just can't resist a blank wall to inscribe their mementos on.
And that's everything that is to see in Insadong. There's far more to see than just what I've posted - in fact, I only covered about three blocks or so, and Insadong stretches for far more than that!

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  1. Mitchkasan says:

    That bundeggi looks so errrrrr….is that really delicious??? I’m
    So curious…!! ^^

    Love your blog so much!! It makes me know about korea even more!!
    Plan to go there on october and I’m sure will use your blog as a reference! 🙂
    Kinda hope that I could meet you there ^^
    sorry I’m a fans of your work here 🙂


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