Life In Korea: Talking with Eat Your Kimchi

If you’re a follower of the K-Pop scene, you would most likely know Simon and Martina – the Canadian expats behind those knee-slapper Music Mondays, their weekly reviews of Korean pop music that are uploaded to their YouTube channel.

If you don’t know Simon and Martina (may God hath mercy on your soul), spend a few minutes poking around on their website, HERE.

As part of my job for the newspaper I’m interning with, I had the opportunity to sit down with Simon (and his adorable dog, Spudgy) for a brief, face-to-face interview at a cafe in Bucheon, which is about an hour’s subway ride away from downtown Seoul.

Although I can’t talk about what we talked about (ain’t that a mouthful?) since the article hasn’t gone to press yet (and probably won’t for quite some time), I will say this: there’s a reason why Simon and Martina make some of  the best Korean culture videos around. Really, if you haven’t had the chance to hit up their YouTube channel, please do so.

Simon, a HUGE shout-out to you for agreeing to meet me on such short notice, and hope you enjoy even more success with your blogging endeavors.

Damn, now I wish I had gotten your autograph or something.

Oh well, I suppose this will have to do:


One Comment Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    Cool! Thanks for the super kind words 😀 It was fun talking with you.

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