Life In Korea: Triangular Kimbap? (삼각김밥)

When you think of kimbap – the Korean staple that consists of rice, meat, and various vegetables that are wrapped in a layer of seaweed – you often think of a long circular tube-like thing, often cut into little pieces:

On the way home from work today, I stopped by at a convenience store to pick up a drink, and guess what I found? Triangular kimbap! They took up an entire row in the display refrigerator, and came in all sorts of amazing flavors. I bought two – hot chicken, and flame-grilled galbi (roast pork).

Once I was safe in my room, I proceeded to start to unwrap the first one.

Ten minutes later, an unidentifiable mush of seaweed and rice lay in my palms, along with various plastic detritus. Clearly, there was a way to unwrap this, and what I was doing wasn’t it.

After some experimentation, I tried again with the second one.

Voila. A triangular kimbap in all its glory – flame-grilled galbi flavor. Take note that it’s encased in a coffin of evil plastic.

After a few minutes of searching, I noticed that there was a tiny “1” written on the very tip of the triangle. It took me another minute to figure out what it actually meant, but when I finally figured out that it meant I should pull the tab all the way around the triangle, I could finally see the light at the end of the plastic tunnel of doom. Anyways, the first step is to pull the tab all the way around.

Here it is, with the pull tab detached. The plastic is now cut into two halves on either side of the kimbap.

And here we go! Sometimes the seaweed tends to stick to the wrapping (as evidenced by this particular kimbap), but they shouldn’t pose much problem to your final enjoyment of your well-earned triangle kimbap.



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  1. gogumavillage says:

    im so envious of you. can try all the food i want. is that the first time you came to South Korean?. i wish i can visit seoul soon:-‘)

  2. janice says:

    Haha! M3, welcome to the world of japanese onigiri. As they callit in japan, the trianglar kimbap. My fave’s tuna mayo fillings.

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