Life In Korea: Naengmyun (냉면)

As part of my first day of work, all the interns gathered to have lunch together. After some discussion, someone suggested a naengmyun place – cold noodles in broth.

So off we went.

I personally like naengmyun quite a bit, and I was perfectly happy with the decision. However, I wasn’t as happy with the 5-block walk we  had to endure – apparently, the person who had suggested the place had a horrible sense of direction.

In any case, after about a half hour of walking, we finally got here.

The sign says "Hamheung Naengmyun Specialty".

The place was quite busy – we had hit it smack-dab in the middle of lunch hour, and we had to wait a  couple of  minutes. One of the curious things about some Korean restaurants is that you have to take off your shoes and place it inside cubbies (that are  provided for you). I was a bit worried that someone would steal my pair of loafers, then I realized no one would want them anyway.

The left side says "Please take care of your shoes". The right says "Fetch the water yourself". Okay!

One of the key indicators as to the quality of a naengmyun place is whether or not they  serve a cup of broth beforehand. If they do, it means they make the noodles from scratch; if they don’t, it means that they use pre-made broth, and the quality suffers accordingly.

The naengmyun itself was excellent – although I was a bit disappointed that they left out the pear slice that usually floats on top. In any case, it was a cool respite from the hot, humid, muggy Seoul weather, and the half-mile hike we have to go through to get here.

Although, there was still the half-mile hike back…

And I’ll leave this post with one final video. You can probably guess what it’s going to be.

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