Life In Korea: Welcome to Seoul

…And I’m nearly finished moving in.

I’ll be staying at my uncle’s place for about a month or so, before packing up again and moving to my grandmother”s place to stay for the rest of the summer – and I have to say, I love this place.

So…my uncle’s pretty rich. He’s a doctor, which automatically makes him cool. And did I mention rich? And I’m also going to be staying with my aunt (who is a terrific cook), my older cousin (who is a film buff – like me), and my younger cousin (who is a complete sweetie-pie – yes, she’s a girl). So…all in all, I’m fine with living here for a month.

This is my room. It’s pretty decent-sized. And has a TV. With which I’ll be watching many variety programs (and music programs). That’s pretty much it.

This is the view from outside my window. We’re pretty high up! I don’t know what they’re building, but it looks like it’s pretty sweet.

This is the living room. Like I said, my uncle’s family is rich. Oh, and if you can guess which program is currently showing on the television, you win!

The computer den, where I’ll probably be spending most of my time. The tiny laptop on the foreground? That’s  my laptop. It’s on the verge of being recycled into scrap metal. Either that, or death by instantaneous explosion.

This is the view from the den window, looking at the opposite direction. And before you ask, no, that’s not the Han River. I’m actually quite a ways from downtown Seoul.

Okay, that’s about it. Pretty cool digs, no?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. rach says:

    Your uncle’s house looks like a kdrama set…
    it’s nice!
    & i’m forever jealous of your time in Seoul

  2. Adeline says:


    See, just like I said, I’m reading your posts 🙂
    So, your “long romantic” flight went well… and your finally in South Korea! Youhouuu~
    It looks like you’ll enjoy your stay, that’s great.
    Keep posting pictures! Since I’m not going anywhere this summer (well, except Paris for the SMTown!!), I want to feel like I’m travelling just reading your adventures 🙂
    And good luck for your first day of work!

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