Google Introduces the “Chromebook”

So the engineering nerds over at Google have come up with a brand-new way of making us procrastinate.

It may look like a laptop, but apparently (and I’m just going by the commercial here – which is amazingly made, BTW) all it can do is surf the web (on Google’s proprietary Chrome, of course).

Google’s focusing on the ease of use of the product – no need to download patches or software updates, since it does that on its own. Oh, and it takes seconds to start up, and there’s nearly infinite memory space to save your videos, pictures, text files (read: porn) – because everything’s saved on the Web.

Also, something else that’s pretty cool: even if your physical Chromebook is destroyed, say, in a fire, you can still access your account through someone else’s Chromebook! Since everything’s saved on the web, the emphasis on the “physical” aspects of computing is toned down.

Of course, you’re going to need a Google account to use the Chromebook. It’s a Google product, after all.

The commercial wonders whether or not this idea is ready for the public. Maybe it’s too new, too out-of-this-world for the Average Joe to comprehend.

While we would have to wait a while to see the results of the Chromebook and how it affects the user experience, I definitely will be keeping an eye out – I don’t do much on the computer except surf the web, and if the Chromebook has enough positives to balance out the negatives (security concerns, lack of programs, etc.) then I just might consider picking one up.

For more on the Chromebook, you can visit Google’s official page HERE.


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