The Next Few Hours According to a Procrastinator

Current time: 9:24 PM.

9:24-12:00 – Sleep, because I need more sleep to study more efficiently.

12:00 – Wake up, turn on computer.

12:10 – Reason that I’m not fully awake yet. Proceed to YouTube.

1:00 – Be proud of the fact that you only spent an hour on YouTube.

1:05 – Open book.

1:06 – Relief at the fact that there’s less vocab than I thought there would be.

1:08 – Thoughts of relief in hand, proceed back to bed.

2:00 – Wake up again after a short nap.

2:05 – Slow and steady feelings of doom start approaching. Dismissed as simple exam nervousness.

2:10 – Start studying again, this time for real.

2:20 – Hey, a crick in my neck!

2:21 – Open FaceBook, since, you know, I haven’t opened it for a while.

2:45 – Hey, a link to a YouTube video!

3:30 – OMG! The next episode of [insert name of K-Drama] is out for streaming!

3:31 – Internal conflict in which moral values are compromised.

4:31 – finish watching K-drama.

4:35 – Okay! Time to seriously start studying…

5:00 – Feeling of merciless doom grows in pit of stomach.

5:15 – Start wondering if that nap earlier was really a good idea.

5:20 – First feelings of regret.

5:30 – Promise to never, ever, ever ever ever ever, procrastinate again, because I’m better than that!

6:00 – Exam time.

7:00 – Hey, that went better than I thought it would!

7:10 – Remember that there is another exam in the afternoon.

7:15 – As a reward for doing so well, give myself a reward of nap time. Again.


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