I Desperately Need a New Laptop.

Here’s why:

-the battery doesn’t work. It’s the third time I’ve had it replaced in the past year. The second I pull the plug, it shuts down. Literally.

-There’s about 300 MB of storage space left in the hard drive.

-The fan turns on about 30 seconds after I start up the computer. And it seems to be getting louder every day. There’s now a very noticeable rattling sound – so loud, in fact, that I stopped bringing it into lectures.

-With the speed at which it heats up (rattling fan notwithstanding), it could heat up a cup of coffee.

-The keys are on the verge of coming loose – especially the right SHIFT key and the J key.

-It lags horrendously whenever I try to watch a video that is remotely high-quality and not hosted on YouTube.

-For some strange reason, it alternates between loading my user profile correctly and not loading my user profile correctly.

-The screensaver function doesn’t work.

-The right edge of the laptop casing is chipped.

-The radio buttons on the front – the volume rocker and the mute button – lost their spring action a long time ago.

Conclusion: Seung Park needs a new laptop. Preferably soon.

And preferably THIS:


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