Roller Coaster of the Day: Standard Boomerang – Worldwide

Name: Varies

Location: Around the World

Operating Year: N/A

Built By: Vekoma

Top Speed: 47 mph

Height: 116 feet

Not every roller coaster in the world is unique. Some parks prefer “off-the-shelf” models – a standard roller coaster model that a roller coaster company sells for a significantly cheaper price than a custom-designed model. These are also known as “cookie-cutter” coasters – in the sense that they are all exactly the same.

There are several versions of “off-the-shelf” roller coasters, but none of them are nearly as proliferate as Vekoma’s standard Boomerang model, with a whopping 45 installations around the world! The standard Boomerang design has been around since the early 1980’s, and while they have ceased in popularity in recent years, they still remain the go-to model for small to mid-size parks that are looking for a crowd-pleasing roller coaster at a decent price.

Every standard Boomerang model shares the exact same layout. This picture was taken at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri.

Every standard Boomerang has the exact same layout: a train is hauled backwards up the first incline and released at the top, where they proceed to make their way through three inversions before ratcheting up the second incline, where the train is released and proceeds to run through the course again – only this time, backwards.

The very first American installation opened in 1984 - Sea Serpent at Morey's Piers, New Jersey.

Boomerangs are the roller-coaster equivalent of TV dinners: fast, cheap, quick. And that’s about it.

The latest Boomerang model to be installed: Carolina Cobra at Carowinds, North Carolina.

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