Want to be the Next Galileo?

Ever wanted to be the next great astronomer? Hell, we’ve all dreamt about it sometime – pointing our telescopes to the skies and discovering a new planet that could potentially harbor life.

Well, with NASA’s newest project, you can! Called planethunters.org, this new effort by the National Aeronautic and Space Administration lets everyone – as long as they’ve got an Internet connection – join the search for planets.

It couldn’t be simpler – the website gives you a quick tutorial on how to join the crew, and you can jump right in.

Here’s how it works: planets are found by analyzing changes in the amount of light coming from stars. Whenever there’s a big change in the amount of light, chances are that it could be a potential candidate for a planet.

You’re given the raw data sent from the Kepler space telescope, and you can sift through the information to find any “outliers” among the data points, and mark them accordingly. It’s not hard at all, and can actually be fun!

Give it a try HERE.


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