Side Effects of Being an Orange Caramel Fan…

Okay. This is a something that happened on the way to class this morning.

I was sitting in front of my Astronomy lecture hall, waiting for the previous lecture to be let out. I was watching one of Orange Caramel’s performances of “Magic Girl” on my iPod touch – this one, in fact:



I didn’t realize how many people were staring at me until I got through about halfway through the song when I looked up to break the kinks in my neck.

And, mind you, my headphones bleed quite a bit of sound, especially when I have it turned up close to all the way like I had done here. [NOTE: It’s impossible to turn up a pair of Beats Pro all the way unless you want to suffer internal ear injury.]

Their reactions were something along the lines of this:

I ended up switching to a performance of Black Eyed Peas in short order.


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