K-Pop Music Reviews: DJ DOC – Dance With DOC

Title: Dance With DOC

Release Year: 1997

Let’s get the ball rolling with a classic.

DJ DOC is a 3-man group that was formed in 1994. They released several hit songs over the years, and their other notable songs include “Run To You” (2000) and the song we’re going to talk about today, “Dance with DOC” (1997).

They recently made a comeback after a six-year hiatus with their new album, “This is Who I Am” (2010). The 3 members are: Kim Chang-Ryul, Lee Haneul, and Jung Jae-Yong.

DJ DOC in 1994.
DJ DOC today.

The first thing that you notice when you play the track is just how unrefined the song feels. There’s no autotune, no computerized melodies, no manipulated voices. It feels like it could’ve been produced by the local garage band down the street. And that’s the whole appeal of this song, and why, even nearly 20 years later, still manages to hold its own.

The second thing you notice is how damn addictive it is. The chorus of the song – “daaaaa, da daaaaa, da daaaa, da daaa daaa~” imprints itself into your brain and doesn’t let go, with the result being that you are humming the melody hours later. But it’s addictive in a good way, the kind of way that gets your foot a-thumpin’ on the ground, and not in a bad way such as, for example, SNSD’s Gee (which I’ll cover later on).

This is the definitive party song of the late 90’s in Korea. And for that, plus its addictive rhythm, and a strange, down-home charm that never fails to please, I award DJ DOC’s “Dance With DOC”:

4.5 out of 5 stars.

DJ DOC performs “Dance With DOC” at the 2010 KBS Music Festival (with some help from SHINee):


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