K-Pop Music Reviews: Introduction

Hi, everyone!

If you know me at all, you probably know that I’m very much into Korean pop music.

I wasn’t always this way; in fact, my obsession over Kpop is something very recent, and I only started getting into them last summer when I was bored and clicked a link for Big Bang’s “Red Sunset” (붉은 노을) Music Video out of curiosity:

With a song this good, how can one not become their fan?

Starting from that point, I gradually transitioned from a Big Bang fanboy into a general-kpop-fanboy. I discovered Girls Generation, didn’t like them (at first), shook them off for more of my Big Bang, discovered Super Junior, then slowly rediscovered Girls Generation. From that point, it slowly branched out until I grew fond of all groups out there – from the fictional A.N.JELL (a fictional band from the Korean drama, “You’re Beautiful”) to Wonder Girls (one of the earliest idol bands to debut, currently active in the United  States).

So, I’m going to go ahead and assume that I’m ever-so-slightly-qualified to review Korean pop songs and start a series that I’m going to call, in a self-explanatory manner, “K-Pop Music Reviews”.

Even if you haven’t even heard of K-pop, I request that you give the songs I present a listen, since they’re all very good, high-quality songs. And who knows? Maybe you’ll get into them just as much as I have done. 😀



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